We all have moment when all hope seems lost and we need a place to turn for help.  What is is about God that makes Him the best person to…

Truth and Love

September 13, 2020
3 John emphasizes truth.  We consider the need to worship God in truth and to present ourselves as people who can be entrusted with truth.

He Has Overcome

August 23, 2020
Our world is full of burdens and offers no real source of hope. Today we celebrate the lasting hope we have in Jesus!

What is Love?

August 16, 2020
We continue to work our way through 1 John. This week, we consider God's definition of love that is the foundation for His call to surrender our lives to Him.
We continue to build on the call to surrender our lives to God.  If we truly know God, there will be evidence in the way our lives are changed.  The…