The church is the “body of Christ” (1 Cor 12); made up of many members; and ministries are activities we do to build that body. Some ministries exist to help each member of the church grow in their relationship with Christ; others help us build relationships with one another; and others help us all engage the world around us in knowing the grace and love of Jesus Christ.

Some of the major ministries of True North are listed below with links to explore for more detail. The “Other ministries” will direct you to a complete listing of True North ministries. For information on how you can get connected and help build True North, contact the leader of each ministry or ask one of the church leaders how to get involved.

True North Kids – Kids are an important part of True North. We value having families worship God together and teaching kids early to value what Jesus has done for them so that they will benefit from a lifetime of knowing God.

TNT – True North Teens is a small group for youth in grade 6 and up. We want to provide our youth with caring relationships and a strong foundation of faith in Jesus Christ as they grow into young adulthood.

Women’s Ministry – Connect with other women and be encouraged in your walk with Christ at various events held throughout the year.

Small Groups – Small groups are a way for people to meet to grow deeper in their faith in Christ together. Members of a small group study God’s Word, pray, and share life with one another.


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